Bodhi Manda Zen Center

Located in the majestic mountain canyon of Jemez Springs at 6,200 feet elevation, Bodhi Manda Zen Center ( has been a place of Zen Training since 1973. Since ten years ago, it has been the location of the annual Summer Seminar on Buddhism. The Zen center brings to the Seminar the daily practice of zazen in the meditation hall, as well as other facets of Buddhist practice, including samu (work practice) and choka (morning chanting), to help bring attention to our inner and outer reality.

During the Seminar, students from around the world indulge in the streams and mesas of the beautiful Jemez Valley, as well as three full vegetarian meals a day from the Bodhi kitchen

This quiet atmosphere lends itself to the study of Buddhism in every way, from the classroom to the Zendo. Senior disciples of Joshu Roshi are on hand to provide guidance and discussion of Buddhist practice.