Summer Seminar on Buddhism 2012
June 4 – 15
Bodhi Manda Zen Center
Jemez Springs, New Mexico

Academic credit in Philosophy and Religious Studies is available through the University of New Mexico.

Merging Academics and Practice

Buddhism is a religion of wisdom. It teaches “awakening” to an understanding of the fundamental unfixed nature of the self and the world. Kyozan Joshu Roshi developed the Summer Seminars on Buddhism to provide wider knowledge of Buddhism to the American public.

The seminar provides a unique opportunity to pursue the academic study of Buddhism within a practice environment. Each year the Seminars invite a group of scholars to discuss Buddhism from various perspectives. Lectures by the faculty are balanced by guidance in Buddhist practice by monks and nuns trained under Joshu Roshi.

For the last decade, the Summer Seminars on Buddhism have been held at Bodhi Manda Zen Center. They are jointly sponsored by the University of New Mexico.